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As a Master Certified Health & Wellness Coach, I empower, educate and motivate my clients to eat well to feel good. I believe everyone has a unique job to do. I believe our bodies are intricately designed machines. When our bodies are compromised, we cannot fully live out our purpose. My clients make lasting changes in their lifestyle, attitude, exercise and nutrition. My clients perform at their best when their health is in balance.

I became interested in wellness when my first-born began eating table food in 2001. The FDA had just issued a mandate to include nutrition labels on all packaged food and specifically list the amount of trans-fats. As I learned that a product could still contain hydrogenated oils and list the trans-fats at zero, I became discouraged. My frustrations grew over the years as I tried to decipher so many misleading labels that I decided to go back to school and become a health and wellness coach. I knew I could make more informed choices for my family and use that knowledge to help others. In 2014, I became certified through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. I have added additional courses through the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

I am lucky enough to be a wife of 20 years and mother to a 16-year-old girl & 14-year-old boy. When I am not driving my kids around town, I enjoy paddle boarding, pilates, Sproing, and eating!


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