“I first did a reboot with Amy in January … and what an eye-opener!! My grocery cart hasn’t looked the same since!! One of the best things I learned was that taking the time to incorporate real food, is worth it! Nine months later, I’m still using what I learned in the reboot. (And some things are still a work in progress!) Which is why I signed up again!! This is a great deal considering all the information Amy shares with you. You can even text her from the grocery store!! And If you don’t know Amy, you’ll be glad you met her here! She’s a terrific person, and her Facebook Live videos are not to be missed!”
-M.P: Business woman, wife & mom of 2 girls

“As I have known, but really began to understand with my journey with you, is that what the scales say is not the whole story. I am confident that not only have I successfully changed my eating habits but that these habits will stay with me into the future. I have almost completely eliminated pasta and white rice from my diet and honestly do not miss them. I have deeply reduced my intake of white sugar. I look forward each day to a goal of 5 servings (each) of fruits and vegetables. I have learned that vegetables can be very lovely on the plate and there are many wonderful ways to include them in my daily intake. Not only did I think that I could never drink 32 + ounces of water each day, but I found out that I can and now feel thirsty if I haven’t had been drinking yet on that day.
I feel really good about myself and am excited to continue my newly honed  habits and look forward to a leaner, less “thick” body. One that is built on good habits and a healthy regimen.”          -T.J.: Instructional Technology Specialist, Wife & Mom of 2 adults

“Amy…has helped me so much. I could not believe all the stuff I thought I knew but (it was) all wrong information. She has taught me what to eat and what to avoid and how to know the difference between a good and a bad choice, like what will make me feel bad and what will make me feel good.”          -M.H.: Author, Wife, Mother of 3, Grandmother of 2

“Amy makes the information interesting & applicable to my personal lifestyle and needs. She listens well to personal goals and customizes the program to meet my needs. She always followed up, provided additional resources, links, articles and information to help me grasp new concepts and information. Loved the accountability provided by Amy which helped me make changes.”          -R.R.: Cancer Survivor, Wife & Mom of four

“The nutrition group class with Amy lets me look at food differently. Instead of only looking at the nutrition label, I also look at the ingredients which are very important. I’ve made lots of different choices just by being more aware.”        T.W.: Business Woman, Wife & Mother