Be Good to Your Heart

valentine-food-615225HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

This day (weekend?) can stir up countless emotions for so many of us. Sadly, not all of them are good: some love, passion, hope, but also disappointment, loneliness, and unworthiness. All this from a Hallmark holiday, people! I enjoy celebrating a day for those you love, but negative feelings and stress can do serious damage to our health.
As a health coach it is beyond my scope to write you a prescription, yet I’m going to write one anyway! (I’m feeling rebellious.) I want you to take care of your heart and you can start by following my ‘Prescription’ for a Healthy Heart on Valentine’s Day:

  • Tell someone you love them. Even if the pain of this silly day is taking hold – reach out to those you love. Tell them how much they mean to you today. All sorts of awesome chemical reactions will happen inside your body and those are good for your heart (and the hearts of your loved ones.)
  • Eat almonds, wild salmon, dark leafy greens, berries and dark chocolate. Being good to your heart tastes amazing!
  • Take the time to plan your meals for this week. Planning = success.
  • Move. Yo. Body. Exercise is like a superpower for your heart! It makes you feel healthy, strong, and even sexy. Grab a loved one and hit a trail, make an obstacle course, or try a new exercise class (in a gym or downloaded to your computer).

Be good to you. Be good to others. Keep it going. You are worth it.


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