It Matters Because You Matter

sunset-183534I have been talking to a lot of women lately that are questioning their purpose here on this old planet. I was surprised actually. I thought we had figured that out already and by ‘we’ I mean like – my mom’s generation. Women know they matter, but I think we get tripped up in separating our identity from the many roles we have and the seasons we go through. But that’s not really what I want to talk about; there are tons of books to that end. I am going to move forward and assume you understand that a) you have a purpose and b) you know what it is.

You can not live out your purpose to the best of your ability without taking care of your health.

You can not live out your purpose to the best of your ability without taking care of your health. The funny thing about our purpose is that it is not really ours. Our purpose is to serve the greater community in some way. So when you play small or worse – don’t show up at all- everyone loses. If you have read any of my other tips or tricks or advice on the blog, the foundation is in this guiding principle. So “What to Eat this Fall” is only important if you are coming from a place that understands it matters because you matter

I hear a lot of researchers, authors, bloggers, doctors talking about how our #1 & #2 causes of death (heart disease and cancer) are largely preventable due to a healthy lifestyle. But somewhere there is a disconnect between kale and death. I think we need to focus more on LIVING. If we are going to be obedient to our purpose – the reason you are here on earth – we need to focus on living well so we are giving our best. Because we know that when we are all giving our best – we all win. Right?
I don’t want to focus on “not dying”, I want to focus on living my best self. And I want you to want that as well. You matter to your family, your friends, your greater community, and frankly, the rest of the world.

Taking care of your health is a privilege and responsibility.

It matters because you matter.