Your Holiday Game Plan – Week 1

*this post is part of the workshop series Your Holiday Game Plan

How did you do? Hopefully, you were able to complete your game plan for keeping your wellness in balance throughout this holiday season. Maybe you have even been successful in reaching your goals for this first week? I would love to hear about it and share your stories with one another over the next two months. I hope to pop in every two weeks or so to encourage you and share some successes and insights.

Initial feedback from fellow attendees:
“I shared my plan with my husband so he can hold me accountable.” (Lifestyle)
“Stretching has really helped me. I have made better eating choices on the days I stretch.” (Exercise)
“I am really enjoying my quiet time when I am able to get to it. I am thankful for that.” (Attitude)
“100 ounces of water is a lot of water to drink every day!” (Nutrition)

Your plan is your compass. You can rely on it to keep you in balance and return to it when you fall outta whack.

This past weekend I attended four different events! (Chips, dips, chocolate, wine!)
Friday night was my biggest challenge. I attended a fundraising event in Baltimore City with a friend. I was looking forward to chatting with friends in a fun venue, a glass of wine and some good food. It was an amazing event and raised thousands of dollars for cancer research, but the buffet was less than healthy. We missed some passed hors d’oeuvre in the beginning and there was only pizza with caesar salad, and hamburger sliders with mac & cheese for dinner. I felt like my choices were:
1) don’t eat anything and eat late when I get home
2) eat this unhealthy food in small portions and drink lots of water
I chose option number two. I’m not sure it was the best option, but it was the right one for me at the time. I course corrected the rest of the weekend with a healthier choices and lots of raw veggies.

Hopefully, I won’t have four events so close together again this season! But I am fortunate to have been with good friends and out meeting new people.

Please share what is working for you and/or what is tripping you up. Good luck in Week 2!

Have a healthy day,

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