Benefits of Frozen Fruit


cherries2January is full of advice for healthy living. I was in Costco yesterday and the number of “healthy” or organic products has doubled. Exciting news for a Health & Wellness Coach! Yet raw veggies and in-season fruit options are limited.

Sugar is also a hot topic right now as the latest research continues to demonize sugar’s effect on our body. An easy way to satisfy my own sweet tooth while still eating healthy is through frozen fruit. Frozen fruit + blender = Satisfying.

Benefits of frozen fruit:

  • pre-packaged versions are 1/3 the price of fresh fruit
  • less pesticide residue in pre-package frozen (!)
  • many pre-packaged organic options
  • easy way to preserve in-season fruit
  • add leafy greens and liquid to make a healthy smoothie
  • make “ice cream” with frozen bananas

I just picked up a 4 lb. bag of frozen cherries from Costco for $13.99. Not cheap, but still a significant value over fresh for this superfood.


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