Exercise Challenge – Week 1: Make a Plan

Happy 4th of July, Challengers!

IMG_0326We are four days in to the challenge of doing some form of exercise every day. How is it going? If you have already “failed” by missing a day, you are only down – not out. Pick it back up and move along with the rest of us! If you are just joining us, you can read the idea behind the challenge and the parameters in the Quick Start Guide. My loving husband did point out that the quick start guide took him a long time to read, so thank you for persevering and join us anyway. I love hearing from you guys and seeing your workouts. You can email or text me pictures and use #aawexercisechallenge to join in the fun. By week 3 we are going to need the motivation to keep going, right?

At the start of every challenge is the need to make a plan. I frequently share with my clients the tenet that “what gets measured, gets done”. Similar to “fail to plan=plan to fail”. I went very low-tech and printed out a blank calendar. I used a pencil to plan out the first week or so. Then I can add in the other days as things come up and schedules change during the month. So, its not set in stone, but it is a plan.

My hope is that with each challenge, the habits build. We are looking to build long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes. That means good habits. Things we do naturally on a regular basis, like brushing your teeth. One challenger already commented how she liked the challenge of adding in the exercise everyday, it is often too easy to keep putting it off and then fours days have gone by without moving intentionally. Again, it might not be YOUR long-term, sustainable lifestyle change to exercise every day, but the goal is that taking the time to PLAN your meals, shopping for fruits & veggies, making time for sleep and exercise will become as natural as brushing your teeth.

Next Monday I will address the role of exercise in weight loss.

Enjoy time with friends and family this weekend, Challengers. Get out and move your bodies. Get it in!