Fruit & Veggie Challenge 2016: Week 1-Awareness

Good Morning, Challengers!journal-1090599_1920

Our goal for this week is: AWARENESS.
Hopefully you have stocked your kitchen with fruits & veggies you really enjoy and are comfortable preparing. As you aim to eat more fruits & veggies today than you have been eating in the past couple of weeks (months?), I would encourage you to keep a journal. Could be just some notes on your phone, a meal tracking app, or a physical journal.
Each day ask yourself these questions:
1. How many FISTFULS of fruits or vegetables did I eat today?
2. When did I choose a junk food (chips, donut, ice cream, etc.)?

We are going to track our fruit & veggie consumption in FISTFULS. Why? Your fist is always with you! Much easier than measuring or carrying around a ‘deck of cards’ or ‘tennis ball’. By the end of the week, I’ll share how many fistfuls doctors and researches say we consumer per day. This week is about AWARENESS. So start somewhere and track it. Then you can work on moving onward & upward.

I work with my clients on making behavior changes toward wellness. Change begins as an idea. You have taken steps to make the change happen. Now it is time for action!

Happy tracking & eating,

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