Fruit & Veggie Challenge 2016: Week 2 -Step Toward Change

How did it go last week, Challengers?!?
I am having so much fun hearing from you guys and getting pictures of you & your food!IMG_7114

Hopefully through your journaling you were able to get a feel for how many fistfuls of fruits and/or vegetables you are taking in each day. Also – where are you falling short? Personally, I notice that if I don’t choose the fruit/veggie first – I won’t meet my goal for the day. Chips for the afternoon snack? No veggie. Miss lunch? Miss a huge opportunity for 2,3 even 4 fistfuls.

Our goal for this week? STEP TOWARD CHANGE.
Maybe you fell short of where you wanted to be or maybe you started out great on Monday, but forgot about the challenge by Wednesday. Start again! Take a step toward change. Long-lasting, sustainable lifestyle change does happen overnight. It doesn’t happen by January 5th or even January 11th, but CAN happen. One small swap at a time.

You might be wondering where we’re headed. How many fistfuls should I be eating each day?
Why fruits & veggies anyway? Fruits and vegetables are our best bet for weight control, increased energy and reducing our risk of just about every disease we don’t want to get (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.). Why? Because they are:

  • Low in calories
  • High in macronutrients and micronutrients
  • High in fiber
  • Good carbohydrates (‘right’ carbs)- our body’s preferred source of energy

How many fistfuls does it take to reap all these benefits? 9-12 per day. That’s not a typo – NINE to TWELVE fistfuls per day. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) claims the old “strive for five” campaign drastically underestimated our needs. If the new guidelines seem daunting remember Rome wasn’t built in a day! I tell my clients all the time, small changes add up to big dividends. I find including smoothies and salads into my diet helps me reach my goals more effectively.

There was a quite a response to the Smoothie 101 video I posted on Facebook last week. (Check it out HERE if you missed it.) I will share some Smoothie 201 tips here later this week. Follow me on social media in between blog posts for more tips and ideas. You can find the links to Facebook & Instagram in the sidebar over there.

Keep at it, Challengers. You are worth it! Let us know how you are doing, where you are struggling, and what changes you are making.
Stay in touch and STEP TOWARD CHANGE.



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