Is Coffee Bad?

My husband and I own six different machines for making coffee. We have stirrers, scoops, grinders, presses, frothers, and makers large, small, slowIMG_5109, and quick. We regularly gift each other with coffee and finding a good latte on vacation is our idea of a good time. So when you ask me a coffee question, you’ve got my attention. The answer to “Is coffee bad?”: maybe.

There is significant research that supports coffee containing antioxidants, good for headaches, improving brain function and concentration, in addition to benefits for patients with Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, liver & colon cancers. Unfortunately, the risks don’t always outweigh the benefits. Caffeine consumption can make you cranky, affect your sleep, raise your heart rate and upset your stomach. It could also lead to high blood pressure or osteoporosis.

If you are already drinking coffee (like me & my hubby), I would adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Limit your consumption to two cups or less per day.
  • Make sure you aren’t adding in anything artificial: creepy creamers or weird sugar-substitutes with ingredients you cannot pronounce. (Really. Stop.)
  • Try to reduce the amount of fat, sugar and sugary syrups you add in.
  • Know from where your coffee hails. There is a farmer behind every bean! (His/Her name is most likely not Juan Valdez.)
  • If you are suffering from Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, liver or colon cancer, talk to your doctor before making your own coffee prescription.

If you are NOT drinking coffee, by all means don’t start just because you heard there might be some antioxidants in there. Eat a vegetable (or 9) and enjoy your day.

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