Don’t Count Calories

We read so much about calories: Calories don’t matter. Calories do matter. All calories are not created equal. A calorie is a calorie. Eat real calories, not fake calories. Most of this information is confusing and not based on scientific research. (Someone is usually trying to sell you something, right?) So how do we navigate this dynamic between calories actually existing and not spending our days with rulers, scales, calculators and PhD’s?

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Eating healthy foods low in calories and high in nutrients will help you loose and/or maintain weight. What is a healthy food? You know the ones: dark leafy greens, berries, sweet potatoes, wild Alaskan salmon, raw nuts, whole grains, unsaturated fats. Why? These foods are naturally high in nutrients and low in calories.

If you are looking to make sustainable lifestyle choices which don’t incorporate doing math before every snack or meal, focus on the quality of every bite you take. That is freedom from counting calories. Now, portion control is still critical! Too much healthy food is still too much. But there is freedom from counting calories when done in proper portions.

For more information on portion control, nutrition, or calorie freedom contact me about a consultation, a pantry makeover or my Wellness Coaching Program.


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