Get Moving!

*this post is part of the workshop series Your Holiday Game Plan

This is a crazy, wonderful week for all of us and I know for me exercise is sometimes the first to go. I am definitely feeling sluggish from all the eggnog-ing, fruit cake-ing, and sweet potato casserole-ing. Back in November one of the strategies for exercise we identified was backing off your usual routine and breaking down workouts into a smaller chunks.
One of my neighbors has already organized a walk with dogs & kids this afternoon. What a perfect opportunity to chat about your time with your families while getting moving! If you can throw in a hill or a jog – all the better.

Did you know that your body makes its own medicine?

I’ll keep it simple for this day after Christmas, but the endothelium is the lining of your blood vessels. A healthy endothelium releases a chemical messenger called nitric oxide which prompts your body to make its own medicines. A healthy endothelium:
•has blood that flows freely
•does not allow sticky stuff to accumulate in blood vessels
•dispenses the right ‘medicines’ at the right time and at the right dose
•has wider arteries
•has a longer lifespan
We increase nitric oxide when we EXERCISE.

So dust off those fit bits and get moving! Run with a Santa, walk with a neighbor, stretch with your baby and add another reason to stick to Your Holiday Game Plan.

Contact me to find out more about how and why our bodies make its own medicine. Also, let me know how Your Holiday Game Plan has helped you over the past two months.
I’ll check back with you one more time on January 2nd!

Have a healthy day,

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